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How to stop smoking online Via Zoom or Skype

Many people wonder how they could stop smoking online, due to the social distancing of Covid 19 events.

Today, it is evident that stopping smoking is paramount in order to build up your immune system and be able to fight off infection. It may take a while, up to a few months for a smoker’s lungs to heal from damage caused by long-term smoking. However,  your health can still improve in the days and weeks after stopping smoking and make a difference against the virus long term.

How can you stop smoking online?

Most people are still hesitant about online hypnosis therapy for many issues, including smoking. It is very easily done via Zoom, Skype or even over the phone. In reality, you don’t even need to see your hypnotherapist. In hypnosis, your eyes are always closed, wether you are in the same room with your hypnotherapist or not. Besides, your hypnosis smoking cessation session is recorded and sent to you after your live session. This hypnosis audio recording is recommended for listening for about couple weeks after.

Your hypnotherapist will also teach you self-hypnosis techniques and a powerful substitution technique for a cigarette, which you can use at any time to overcome cravings or urges.

It is surely nice to be in the same room for hypnotherapy, however if you are looking for results, then it makes no difference if it is in person or online.

How many hypnosis sessions do I need to stop smoking?

You will become a non- smoker in one single session. There is only one condition, you must be at a point of readiness to stop smoking and do it for yourself, not anyone else, like your doctor or wife or husband. In other words, if you want to try and see how it works – then you are not ready. There is no trying to see how it works. There is only doing it, because you are ready to stop smoking for the rest of your life.

How long does  smoking cessation session last?

Smoking cessation normally lasts about 75 minutes. We go over hypnosis and how it works, discuss your personal triggers for a cigarette and teach you self-hypnosis techniques.  The hypnosis part of the session lasts about 45 minutes.

Are group hypnosis sessions for smoking cessation also available?

Yes, we have both individual and group hypnosis sessions. The difference is price. Some people prefer a more personalized approach and being able to talk to your hypnotherapist one-on-one. During group sessions you may ask questions but the time is limited for more extensive one-one conversations.  Again, the results are the same, it all comes down to personal preferences and budget.

For more information and book your hypnosis session to stop smoking online via Zoom, please call 858 848 9035 or email info@alphamindhypnosis.com


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