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How does Zoom or Skype hypnotherapy work?

How does Zoom or Skype hypnotherapy work?

Online coaching and hypnotherapy  has been gaining traction in the last few years.  I personally have been seeing about 50% of all of my hypnotherapy clients online – via Zoom or Skype for the past few years.

However, many stay hesitant and question the possibility of online hypnosis.

Today, with the recent changes due to the global pandemic – many systems, like economical, financial and especially social, have been crumbling. Many people stay at home, working long distance, finding ways to entertain themselves or do wellness like yoga or meditation in their living rooms or backyards, if they have one.

It will take a while before the world is ready to get back to social contact in a group or one-on-one settings.

This surely has affected the world of the in -person hypnotherapy and coaching sessions. As most social interactions, individual hypnosis & coaching sessions and workshops are now moving online as well.

How is it possible to be hypnotized online? Don’t you need to be in the same room with your hypnotherapist?

No, you don’t. It is surely nice to be in the same room, but if you are looking for results – there is no difference if you are in the same room or not.

For hypnosis therapy to work  we need a good internet connection, Zoom or Skype or even just your phone line is enough. I personally prefer some type of video, so I can meet the person and connect visually.

For the hypnosis part of the session, your eyes are closed. So, you don’t need to see your hypnotherapist. The hypnotherapeutic work is being done by listening to your hypnotherapist’s voice.  You maybe thousands of miles away from each other, thanks to technology.

When it comes to coaching, it has been much more accepting to do it online or phone. The only difference today is content. Both coaching and hypnosis sessions, after the recent Covid 19 events have changed course. If in the past, you were looking to work on your public speaking confidence, fears of flying or expanding your social life – it all has changed. Most narrative revolves around anxiety, health, confusion, fears, money and how to move into the next stage, the next life chapter, if you will.

And with time we will have a much better understanding of the current needs, as we get a better grasp of our new and updated values.

Today, we must do two things as time goes on:

  • stay emotionally stable
  • take care of our physical health

Emotional stability means not giving into any fear or panic. Practicing daily mindfulness, meditation and pulling out into the observer position. Don’t let the negative energy into your body system. Be the silent observer. Know that, this challenging time will pass and try to understand your personal key lessons while all of this is happening. Is it about treating your body better? Eating healthier? Stopping smoking or drinking? Becoming more present and kinder? Listen to yourself. You are about to grow exponentially.

Taking care of yourself physically.  You must make sure that your immune system stays strong and functions at its best. So, stay hydrated, get a good night sleep, every night. You immune system improves and fights off pathogens while you sleep.  And once again, choose healthy foods and stay away from excess ( added, refined) sugar. Obviously, stop smoking tobacco or marijuana. What? Marijuana? Some of you have shrugged. Yes. Recent research has shown that smoking marijuana lowers your immune system function.

How can hypnosis & coaching help me today? What can I use it for?

You can use hypnotherapy to stop smoking, overcome sugar addiction, overcome drinking, build better habits, work through fears and uncertainty and overcome anxiety. Combined with coaching’s inquiry method and challenge & support for thought and cation – you can begin to see through the woods and start designing Your New Chapter.

Contact today for your online hypnosis & coaching session with hypnotherapist & coach Elena Mosaner at 858 848 9035 or email info@alphamindhypnosis.com.

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