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Covid 19 hypnosis products and sessions, helpful tips and free content

Many of us have been seeing special discounts and offers due to the recent events of Covid 19 pandemic . At AlphaMind Hypnosis and Coaching, we offer special discounts and offers for products and hypnosis [...]

How does Zoom or Skype hypnotherapy work?

How does Zoom or Skype hypnotherapy work? Online coaching and hypnotherapy  has been gaining traction in the last few years.  I personally have been seeing about 50% of all of my hypnotherapy clients online – [...]

How much do hypnosis sessions cost in San Diego?

Article by Elena Mosaner     What is the average cost for a hypnosis session in San Diego? Costs for hypnosis sessions vary from a hypnotherapist to hypnotherapist. On a lower end you can find [...]

How to find the “best hypnotist” in San Diego ( or anywhere else)

Article by Elena Mosaner          Who is the best hypnotist in San Diego? Funny enough, people do google these type of questions hoping to get an answer. The truth is...there is [...]

This is Your Brain on Hypnosis, According to Best Science

Article by Tony Sokol          Like the layers of the subconscious it opens, the effects and mechanics of hypnosis are still being uncovered. Hypnosis can be used by stage magicians to [...]

Which California Celebrities use Hypnosis?

Article by Tony Sokol           California is known as the one of the most progressive states in America. She opened her golden gates to enterprising explorers with the gold rush [...]

When East meets West with Hypnotherapist Elena Mosaner in San Diego.

Article by Elena Mosaner           This spring I moved to California after having lived in New York City for 18 years.           As I am getting [...]


Due to the recent pandemic events, all hypnosis & coaching sessions, workshops & courses are now conducted via Zoom or phone. Call 858 848 9035 to learn more.

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