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How to find the “best hypnotist” in San Diego ( or anywhere else)

Article by Elena Mosaner

         Who is the best hypnotist in San Diego?

Funny enough, people do google these type of questions hoping to get an answer. The truth is…there is no best hypnotist in San Diego or anywhere else for that matter. However, there are those hypnotists and hypnotherapists that are more trained than others, talented or have more experience, large following and better ratings.  Maybe the question could be “who is more or better qualified?” Still, this is not enough to help you find a top rated hypnotist in your area.

How does one find a good hypnotist, one who is experienced, well trained and has an extensive experience with hypnosis therapy? The answer is simple: do your research.

First, look at their web site. It should be a well built web site, easy to navigate with all the information available and organized throughout the site. Esthetics, style and design matter. A hypnotherapist who is professional and sought after, will have a good web site. It doesn’t need to be flashy or complex. It should be clean, neat and pleasing to the eye. The content of the site should be informative about hypnosis, how it works and what type of services they offer.

Second, read their bio. You want to connect with your practitioner and know their story and bio. It makes your hypnotherapist personable and open. And you will know if you like them or not just from their bio.

Third, understand what their actual education is. A legit partitioner will speak openly about their certifications, licenses and degrees.

Finally, you want to look at their ratings, reviews and testimonials. Look if they have google reviews, these are most trusted and show that your hypnotherapist has an actual business listing and an office in your area. It is common to display client testimonials on the site, either written or video. Look for those.

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Michelle abraham
Michelle abraham
18:21 23 Oct 16
I was struggling with a self-esteem issue and did not even realize it until I underwent hypnotherapy in NYC with Elena Beloff. Because of her I have become a positive thinker and realize that I can do anything I put my mind to. The old me is gone and never to keep me down again. Thank you Elena for giving back my life.
Mary Stoddard
Mary Stoddard
10:30 09 Oct 16
It has been almost six months since my first NYC hypnotherapy session with Elena and almost that long since I stopped smoking. I could never have the control over my habit without her using the power of suggestion through hypnosis. I am so grateful.
Brain bower
Brain bower
08:41 27 Oct 16
If you are struggling with your weight I recommend the NYC weight loss hypnosis center of Elena Beloff. I tried dieting and exercise but it was my mind set that was blocking my success. Elena helped get me past my negativity and the weight has been coming off and staying off. I am so happy I found the best hypnotherapist in NYC.
Shaun Thompson
Shaun Thompson
21:18 10 Jan 16
I was initially terrified of seeing Elena! Not because of something that she did, but because the thought of someone in my head freaked me out. I actually did not show up for my first session because that fear was that intense. I sucked it up and made another appointment and Elena was so understanding about the situation. Elena put me at ease within seconds and she is extremely easy to open up to about the issues I have been having. We talked and within minutes devised a strategy to help me resolve the issues I have been having. After our first session I felt like a different person. I thought of it like a computer and my operating system was updated to the proper programing. I saw Elena a second time to reinforce this new programing. I will visit Elena further times throughout the years to keep me on this new path of mine because I want to not because I have to. I feel like I am seeing the world through new eyes. What once affected me negatively, no longer does. I feel totally comfortable in my own skin and for once feel like I am in control of my life. I have life goals that I now know are attainable. Before seeing Elena, I was stuck in a constant rotation of events in my life that I could not escape by myself. I was my own worst enemy, but now I can be my own hero. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Elena!!
04:11 05 Aug 15
I had really amazing 2 sessions with Elena for performance anxiety. I'm a professional musician and needed to overcome the performance anxiety which I've been struggling over the past years as the stake is getting higher and higher. Not only her presence being warm and supportive, her voice being soothing and easy to get relaxed with, Elena has a deep insight for music/performance. Her intuition was right on. Her story telling was excellent. After her 1st session, I had an amazing week, playing gigs and recording. I was relaxed, calm and focused. If you struggle with performance anxiety, I highly recommend Elena Beloff. You won't regret it!
Anna Nikkinen
Anna Nikkinen
20:48 21 Jan 16
I wasn't sure what to expect from the experience or even the results but it was interesting and definitely has set me on the right path already, and it's only been just over a week! I went in to try and get assistance on one area of my life I wanted to get more disciplined in but actually got the benefit for 2 different things! What I call added value:) I've since referred another friend to Elena to help her with something else and she's also been impressed with the results so far! It just gives you that extra push for whatever you're set to do, or improve in your lifestyle. Would definitely recommend it for any sceptics out there. There is nothing to lose, apart from being pleasantly surprised with the outcome!
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